September 27, 2022


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GAMING KEYBOARD- A keyboard for gamers is arguably the most important weapon, like a katana for a samurai. Because the keyboard is not a tool for just typing, but as an extension of gamers’ hands to enter the world of games on a computer screen. Gamers can do whatever they want in the game by pressing the buttons on the keyboard.

Win or lose a game can also be determined by the keyboard used. In fact, it is almost certain, that with a capable gaming keyboard, gamers’ skills will increase significantly. That’s how important the keyboard is for gamers. Then, how to choose a good gaming keyboard? There are at least 4 tips for choosing the following gaming keyboard.

Choose Mechanical Keyboard

Most of the keyboards that are common today are keyboards with membranes for work. And it’s less suitable for playing PC games. The type of keyboard that is suitable for playing games is a mechanical keyboard. This mechanical keyboard uses mechanical switches, which attach each key to its own spring switch. This keyboard is designed to provide superior tactile and audio feedback.

The mechanical switches on gaming keyboards allow the keys to take millions of presses without being damaged. It is suitable for playing games that need to press the button many times. Especially if playing the game is full of emotions. No need to worry if you use a mechanical keyboard. Guaranteed safe without damage

Choose a Keyboard That Can Be Set As Needed

When playing games, gamers are sometimes required to press a combination of several keys on the keyboard simultaneously. If you use a regular keyboard, of course this becomes very inconvenient. But for now, this is not a problem. There are many keyboards on the market that can be programmed to do macro settings, namely setting the combination of many keys to only one button.

So, to make playing games more comfortable, before buying a gaming keyboard, make sure to choose a keyboard that is capable of setting these keys. If you need information about art you can visit this site artisttoursgroup

Choose a Keyboard That Has a Polling Rate As Needed

Polling rate is the response speed of the keyboard sending a number of signals to the computer which is usually measured in hertz. For example, on a regular keyboard it has 125 Hz, this means that the keyboard will provide a ‘report’ to the computer every 8 milliseconds. Whereas on a keyboard that has a high polling rate, for example 1000 Hz, the keyboard provides a ‘report’ to the computer every 1 millisecond. Can you imagine it?

Well, which poll rate is suitable for playing games? Compared to normal typing, playing games certainly requires a higher response. So, a keyboard that has a fast response is the most suitable, namely a keyboard that has a high polling rate. For gaming, it’s usually around 500 Hz or higher.

Consider Keyboard Design

The external appearance of the keyboard is not the most important thing. But at least, using a cool keyboard can increase the quality, enthusiasm, and fun of playing games. Various designs of gaming keyboards are currently available on the market, no longer dominated by the usual rectangular keyboard design.

It’s okay to choose a cool keyboard design. However, preferably one that has an ergonomic shape, has the appropriate size, is lightweight, and does not require a lot of space. You can also choose a keyboard with a wireless system so that it is practical and neat when used. Or if you like playing games in a dark room, a backlit keyboard can be an option.

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