August 15, 2022


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8 Best Computer Monitors 2022 computer monitor

Cheap, cheerful, and ready to help you sway away your work tasks with ease, Philips’ 24-inch display is just what you need to get that complete home-office feel. Complete with a built-in webcam, an adjustable stand and USB-C ports for all your modern technical needs, this one is a great pick up at a great price. Thankfully, you don’t need to know the ins and outs of what makes an IPS screen to get yourself a winner. We’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up the best monitors to upgrade your home office.

The refresh rate is the number of times per minute the image is refreshed, so the higher that figure is, the more dynamic the game can be. 60Hz is standard, but higher-end monitors can go up to 120Hz and 144Hz. Response time and refresh rates are terms you’ll come across when looking for a new monitor. Unless you plan on doing some gaming in your downtime, you won’t need to worry about these, but just in case, here’s a quick rundown.

Beyond that, it’s important to pick a monitor with a resolution that your computer’s graphics card can handle. If you buy an Ultra HD monitor but only have a modest graphics card, your games will run slowly and stutter if you try to play them at the full Ultra HD resolution. The bigger the image your computer has to generate when gaming, the better your graphics card needs to be. Provided you have the room on your workspace, you could connect to a second external monitor. For desktop PCs this is usually fairly straightforward, as many come with multiple display outputs. For laptops this can be a bit trickier, as they might only have one display output to begin with.

Aoc Gaming 27g2 Monitor 80 Cm 27 Inch Fhd, Hdmi, Displayport, Free

Yes, the NXG253R is the fastest display we’ve ever tested, making it the best computer monitor for eSports you can buy. Monitors are measured along the diagonal between two opposite corners of the display. A larger screen is generally construed as providing a better video viewing experience, while smaller screens can be more convenient to keep around the home. Once safely clamped onto your desk, it enables you to swivel, extend, retract, pivot or tilt the screen, pretty much as you please. This makes it remarkably easy to position the monitor on your desk, where other screens of the same size might take up too much space.

  • There’s Samsung’s Tizen operating system with its advanced user interface and extensive app selection, along with HDR10, HDR10+, HLG high dynamic range support.
  • If you’re managing basic spreadsheets or firing off the odd email then anything around the 25-inch mark will serve you well, it just depends on your desk space.
  • Complete your experience with accessories designed to make the most of your Dell Monitor.
  • Its 43-inch screen size makes it an ideal balance between TV and computer monitor, with the 4K screen res making computer visuals crisp at fairly close viewing distances.
  • Offers limited to 5 systems per customer per promotional period.
  • This can be counteracted by the dedicated picture ‘game mode’ that some TVs have, but if you’re a dedicated gamer, then you’ll want to invest in one of the best monitors instead.

However, while paying less will get you a screen that’s easier on your bank balance, it will probably lack the image quality you need to make the monitor comfortable to use for long periods. The only downside with this bargain telly is that there are only two HDMI ports, meaning you may need to swap cables around when you want to connect your computer. Like a CRT monitor enclosure, the LCD enclosure offers waterproof and dustproof protection whilst also ensuring the LCD is running at the optimum temperature. However, LCD enclosures are far more flexible than a traditional monitor enclosure as they can be mounted almost anywhere as their flat panel design means they can even be erected flush against a wall. Many of these old CRT monitors are enclosed in industrial monitor enclosures which have protected the screens from the dust and liquid of the factory floor for years. However, many companies that require a replacement struggle to find a replacement that will fit in the monitor enclosure that the CRT has been housed in.

Dell Ultrasharp 29 Ultrawide U2917w 21:9 Aspect Ratio 29″ 2560×1080 Monitor

Just be sure to bring your own audio because, despite the price, there are no speakers here. Earning a 5-star rating from Tom’s Hardware, the Samsung Odyssey G7 32-inch is the best computer monitor. For gamers, it boasts the strongest curve currently available, 1000R, for incredible immersion, along with speedy gaming numbers. The 240Hz monitor has a 1ms response time and put up a 5ms response time score in our testing, beating some 165Hz screens by 2ms. In addition, benchmarking showed input lag at 20ms, a full 6 to 10ms faster than some 165Hz screens we’ve tested, including the Dell S3220DGF also on this page. Providing the video card can handle the load and has the option, on one PC, having dual Full HD screens is always going to be better than a single.

But you still get FreeSync Premium Pro for fighting screen tears (we also got it to run G-Sync Compatibility, although it’s not certified), an 1800R curve to add to the immersion, and HDR support. But if your budget can handle it, 4K is as sharp as it gets at a reasonable price. Many gamers find 1440p/QHD a good compromise between price and high-refresh-rate performance. Iiyama monitors, iiyama touch screen LCDs and iiyama LED monitors are iiyama specialty.