August 9, 2022


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85 Cool Gadgets new tech

A new pressure sensor inside will also warn you if you’re brushing technique starts to verge into self-flagellation. Health tech company Withings has been making great-looking, fitness monitoring gadgets for years and their latest watch is no exception. Offering up a hard-to-beat balance of features, design, ease of use and performance, the Sonos Arc, the company’s first Atmos soundbar, is an easy product to love. The cans are kitted out with the latest surround sound so that you can really hear those footsteps creeping up behind you. There’s a smart, retractable microphone inside, which can isolate your speech and tune down background noise.

  • Hootsuite comes in free and paid-for editions but you’ll want a professional plan to get the best from its potential.
  • Tech industry trends and investments in technology helped a lot in moving us out from the dark ages, notably by eliminating diseases that had plagued humanity since the dawn of time.
  • It features other clever features like touch control by tapping the skin by your ear and volume that adjusts to match your environment.
  • Anyway, the oven turns five millilitres of water into steam, and wafts it over the bread in three controlled temperature phases.

Essentially an 888 with the rear cylinder removed the Supermono was an effective race bike that became the stuff of… No two-wheelers are better-suited to electric power than scooters and no scoots are cooler than classic Vespas and Lambrettas – and now you can get electric versions of both thanks to these British… Despite the fact that 1970s-styled bikes are in vogue at the moment with manufacturers scrambling to revive machines from their pasts, one of the most convincing of those retro models is on the way…

Today, though, biologists are starting to find ways to organise single cells into collectives capable of performing simple tasks. They’re tiny machines, or as biologist Josh Bongard at the University of Vermont refers to them, ‘xenobots’. The idea is to ‘piggyback’ on the hard work of nature, which has been building tiny machines for billions of years. In 2010, Craig Venter and his team created the first synthetic cell, based on a bug that infects goats. Four years later, one of the first products of the synthetic biology era hit the market, when the drug company Sanofi started selling malaria drugs made by re-engineered yeast cells.

Creative Sxfi Theatre Headphones

Instead of tapes, this groovy little audio player works by slotting in cards, each of which contains a story to listen to. There are loads of classic tales to pick from, such as The Gruffalo and Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as well as other cards with podcasts, radio and activities on. Instead of a screen it has a cutesy pixelated display, which along with chunky buttons for volume and skipping tracks, the whole device is completely kid-friendly (even my two-year-old was able to get to grips with it). For a start, it is noticeable that the very worst day-to-day frequencies are reduced, and this has the knock-on effect that they are ultimately less annoying.

Yamaha have unveiled a V8 hydrogen powered car engine that sets the stage for a two-wheeled version. The prototype is based on the 5-litre engine from the Lexus RC F with Yamaha modifying the… Able+ Cloud is an identity and access management solution designed to support the complex and changing needs of modern user identities.

Yoto Player Interactive Audio Player

The smart night-vision mode uses two infrared LEDs that can see as far as 30 metres automatically and switches to colour monitoring when it detects human movement. That, along with powerful spotlights, any would-be thief is almost guaranteed to show their face on camera. You’ll get a real-time alert, without needing to be glued to your feed.

On Mars, the organisms would need a little water to get started, which could come from melted ice, plus a food source. Some mosquitoes have developed resistance against gene drive mutations, but researchers believe they’ll be able to pull off the technique as long as they target the right genes. For safety, scientists are designing ‘override’ drives capable of reversing the edits. The trees and plants are then burnt to generate electricity but the carbon emissions are captured and stored deep underground. The tech world is hoping it can turn back the clock on climate change by removing carbon emissions.

Sony’s new Neckband speaker gives your ears a rest and sits on your shoulders, firing your audio towards your ears in a focused beam. There’s a built-in microphone and Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can take calls or listen to music up to 30m away from your computer – no more excusing yourself from a meeting to make a cup of tea. Unveiled at CES 2022, the N1 is able to project sound to the space directly by both of your ears. By doing this, you will hear the speaker at full volume but those around you will just hear a quiet whisper of sound. With Samsung taking the helm, the world of foldable devices seems to be flourishing recently. We’ve seen plenty of brands launch their own folding smartphone but at CES 2022, Asus went a step further by unveiling a folding tablet.