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Huge choice and fast delivery of stainless steel tables and lecterns. Designed for fast, efficent cleaning with minimal dirt traps. Typewriter Revolution The typewriter not only revolutionised offices, but also transformed the world of work – especially for women. Explore how these remarkable machines have helped to influence both society and technology, and why they are still popular today. If you hold a key command combination down, the command will be entered several times. For example, Control-Del or Alt-Del will continue to delete words for as long as the keys are held down.

This version has a built-in Touch ID for even more convenience, though you can spend less for a model without it if you prefer. Slim, sleek, and with backlit keys that are clever enough to light up when your hands are approaching, Logitech’s smart offering has all the bells and whistles, with handsome looks to match. To use this to type numbers, you have to press the Num Lock key. There may be an indicator light at the top of the keyboard or on the ‘Num Lock’ key itself to show that it’s on. Try typing your name, including capitals (UPPER-CASE) and spaces.

  • These place the finger keys into two cupped depressions at shoulder width, with function keys set in-between for use with the thumbs.
  • Newer versions of standard keyboards often come wireless because their lack of extra features means that battery operation is very feasible.
  • And while spending cash on a bunch of clicky keys and sifting through terms like “actuation”, “keycaps” and “peripherals” might seem like a dull time, PC keyboards can be exciting.
  • Borrowing more than you can afford could seriously affect your financial status.

Guards can be removed and fitted for use only when required. It is usually easier to purchase a keyboard and guard together rather than trying to get a guard to fit a specific keyboard. The Maltron expanded keyboard is designed to assist people with cerebral palsy and to provide better access for physically disabled and visually impaired users. A metal keyguard helps to prevent accidental key presses and protects against any impact damage. A compact keyboard frees-up desk space and allows you to bring your mouse closer to your centreline, which helps to reduce the chance of strains by over-extending. This specialised surface is used instead of a mouse and needs only very short finger movements to move the cursor across the display screen.

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The controller inputs can be ‘mapped’ to a person’s preferences and used alongside the standard controller allowing disabled and non-disabled gamers to compete at the same level. They tend to be quite ‘chunky’; a similar size to a marker pen. Trackball, trackerball or rollerball mice remain stationary with the cursor controlled by rolling a ball with thumb, fingers or palm. Vertical mice realigning the wrist to a more natural ‘handshake’ position, transferring movement onto the more powerful shoulder muscles. Eye tracking and head tracking systems tend to operate an onscreen keyboard using the mouse so are included in the mouse section below.

Our wide range of Microsoft keyboards are perfect for those looking to upgrade their keyboard. Anyone who spends a lot of time bashing out meticulously crafted formulae in spreadsheets will definitely want a full-size keyboard, complete with a number pad. If you’ve only ever accidentally grazed those side keys in a panic, though, then you could do without it, sticking to a smaller keyboard that takes up less space. For those who really want to strip things down, you can go for a 60 or even 40 per cent keyboard, which ditches rows of number and function keys , keeping things to an absolute bare minimum.

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This is because the standard keyboard, as it is normally set up, is very sensitive. This can, however, be easily changed and you need never get unwanted keystrokes again by using a keyboard options. There are several accessible gaming controllers available such as Microsoft’s Xbox adaptive controller.

It is important to have your screen positioned at a comfortable level to minimise bad posture and the risk of injury. We recommend your screen is directly in front of you so you do not have to twist your body and should be approximately an arms-length away with the top of the screen roughly level with your eyes. Additional buttons on the joystick can operate left, right and double clicks, as well as other common shortcuts such as cut and paste. Joysticks work in a similar manner to the controls on an electric wheelchair, with the joystick position determining the direction of the mouse pointer.

Others accidentally press keys on the way to the key they want to press. Arm or wrist pads placed in front of the keyboard can be helpful when resting from typing and can help to reduce discomfort and strain. You can also get wrist ‘donuts’ that are worn around the wrists like bracelets and provide support wherever you are working. Larger trackball mice are easy to use and may be particularly helpful for users who lack fine motor skills, including people with learning difficulties, tremors or arthritis.