August 20, 2022


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They can hold multiple PC’s and monitors and can be accessorised with monitor arms and CPU holders. Get organised, be creative, and make life easier at home, in the office, or at school. Our range of cleaning and hygiene supplies feature everything that is essential for catering and cleaning. Our cleaning supplies range includes janitorial supplies, bathroom supplies and waste disposal. • Channels the industrial style, with a contemporary, urban feel.

Designed to blend into the modern office, our collection can alter between 650mm to 1280mm. We offer rectangular and double bench models to suit your needs. The models are great for improving your posture whilst at work as well as your overall efficiency. As we all move a lot closer to working from home, the need for office furniture that is suitable for the home has increased many times over. We offer wide range of options that are fit for purpose in the home to be used for work.

  • Alphason Office Furniture Aries Red and Black Gaming Desk The sleek and stylish desk, perfect ..
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  • You can find various desks to suit a range of styles of interior decor.
  • Cable managed legs are great way to organise the many cables powering your phones and computers.

Some people also like to ensure their home office desk is facing the door so they can easily see who is entering. It will look beautiful wherever in your home you choose to put it. You can find various desks to suit a range of styles of interior decor. The shape and size of your desk will be another important decision, and measuring up fully before you start looking is recommended.

Homcom Industrial Computer Desk With Storage Shelf Metal Frame For Home Office

Alphason Office Furniture Cabrini White Office Desk The space-saving compact desk that oozes s.. Alphason Office Furniture Bridport Glossy White Computer Desk The space-saving compact desk th.. Alphason Office Furniture Aspen Light Oak and White Trestle Desk The space-saving compact desk.. Presence Executive Radial workstation could be just what you need.

If your desk is needed to fit in a tight corner, check out our corner desks. We also have smaller desks for those with a smaller space. If ergonomics is more your thing, we recommend that you look into one of our height-adjustable desks. Set a timer on your mobile and switch from sitting to standing at 45-minute intervals. It’s good for your back and you get a better posture at the same time.

Small desks for children are designed to inspire creativity and help with homework, while storage desks with drawers make organizing a breeze. Refresh your office with our range of office desks that are suitable for every workspace. Get productive at home with one of our beautifully designed home office desks. Browse computer desks, corner home office desks, desks with pedestal storage and more, in a wide choice of looks and finishes. There’s a great range of oak computer desks available at Oak Furniture House.

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The classic solid oak desks are always a very popular option, in recent years we have seen an increase in popularity in glass and high gloss desks and gaming chairs. In relative terms, computer desks might be fairly modern pieces of household furniture but that’s no reason why they shouldn’t be things of beauty in their own right. Oak computer desks combine modern functionality with classic style and craftsmanship. Each of our home office desks has been designed with practicality and productivity in mind.

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It’s important to choose the right office chair to ensure that you can sit comfortably. Setting up a comfortable, ergonomic workstation at home starts with finding the right computer desk. Whether you’re using the desk as part of your home office, or for more occasional use, considering practical things like space and desk design will be a top priority. These models have a solid wood panel on the end which allows people to store things within the foot space without upsetting the aesthetics of the office. These types allow your team members to either sit or stand. They provide benefits such as reduction in back pain and an increase in productivity levels.

Again, that’s a common option but isn’t recommended for long sessions. And third, you can get yourself a full home office setup, with a dedicated desk, chair and other furniture. It’s a great way to separate work and domestic life and, if you’ve got the space, makes perfect sense. If you’re looking for the ideal office desk for your home, we’ve got a brilliant selection to choose from. Our collections are available with matching items to design your office space with the style you want. We are pleased to be able to offer matching products in each collection.

Height adjustable models allow you to change between sitting and standing. They are designed to improve your productivity as well as your well-being. Give your office a fresh look with our great collection of high quality office desks. All our desks are available at affordable prices to suit every style and budget. Our range of products allows you to consider styles that work well within your office, home or any other environment.