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Furthermore, the growth of social networking systems and e-commerce means that personal data is also at risk. It is therefore essential that internet users have a sound understanding of the risks involved, together with preventative and recovery measures. Security is a complex topic and this module provides an understanding of the context and overall security issues that apply in the use of networked computer systems from a perspective of personal data. You will explore the concepts of information security and identify security risks in different scenarios. This module provides an introduction to digital processor organisation, architecture, instruction set architectures and system organisation/design. It also provides elements on the underlying computer arithmetic and approaches to design .

Students undertaking a period of work placement or study abroad, as either a compulsory or optional part of their programme, should be aware that they will have to fund additional travel and living costs. Tuition fee rates are calculated based on a student’s tuition fee status and generally increase annually by inflation. How tuition fees are determined is set out in the Student Finance Framework. Applicants offering two A-levels and one BTEC Subsidiary Diploma/National Extended Certificate will also be considered. Please note that a maximum of one BTEC Subsidiary Diploma/National Extended Certificate will be counted as part of an applicant’s portfolio of qualifications. The way in which you are assessed will vary according to the Learning objectives of each module.

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This will allow you the opportunity to visit the University and to find out more about the degree programme of your choice; the facilities on offer. It also gives you a flavour of the academic and social life at Queen’s. The information provided in the personal statement section and the academic reference together with predicted grades are noted but these are not the final deciding factors in whether or not a conditional offer can be made. Where you will have opportunities to develop technical skills and apply theoretical principles to real-life or practical contexts. Engineering remains one of the most in-demand jobs in the UK, with a particular shortage of Power System Engineers, Control Engineers and Protection Engineers. However, opportunities exist throughout the world for highly trained professionals who combine computing and engineering skills.

The semiconductor material properties will be used to design a range of devices including solar cell, photodetector, LEDs, Lasers and microwave devices. Heterojunctions and nanostructures will be introduced to improve semiconductor device performance. The module also aims to provide the knowledge to exploit semiconductor properties, material selection and approaches in device designs. This is a general skills module which encompasses a range of professional development activities that will be useful throughout the remainder of your degree and career. These include practical skills in the laboratory, simulation skills for analysing circuits, communication skills and career development. This module introduces the basic principles underlying the design of electronic systems.

A relevant HNC in Engineering is required, including Engineering Mathematics. Where offers are made for Stage 1 entry, these are currently conditional on successful completion of this HNC with 2 Distinctions and remainder Merits, including Merits in three specified units, including Engineering Mathematics. The offer for repeat candidates is set in terms of three A-levels and may be one grade higher than for first time applicants.

Classes are highly interactive, with practical application of concepts a key factor, as well as cases drawn from real-life. Workshops, seminars, group tutorials and practical exercises provide opportunities for you to work with your peers and develop the essential people skills to complement your technical ability. Teaching methods are designed in consultation with leading employers in the region. Many classes are based in computing laboratories, focusing on student activity as a means of learning.

  • Students can undertake a summer placement for between 6 weeks to a maximum of 3 months, which is acknowledged by the award of a Certificate of Industrial Experience.
  • The understanding of the limits of computation for a given problem is developed using a range of examples.
  • The key aim of this module is to provide the background and the methods for the understanding of the operation of basic analogue CMOS cells, and how to design common functions.
  • We offer an extended degree in this subject that you can access with lower entry requirements.
  • Careful consideration will be given to an individual’s academic achievement, taking in to account the context and circumstances of their pre-university education.

Medicine and Law, are traditionally studied at undergraduate level in the UK. Holders of the Licenciado, with at least 13/20 may be considered as UK 2.1 equivalent. The Grado de Bachiller is equivalent to an ordinary degree, so grades of 15+/20 are required. Applicants for PhD level study will preferably hold a Título de Maestría / Magister or equivalent qualification, but holders of the Título/Grado de Licenciado/a with excellent grades can be considered. The Título Intermedio is a 2-3 year degree and is equivalent to a HNC, it is not suitable for postgraduate entry but holders of this award could be considered for second year undergraduate entry or pre-Masters.

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Brighton technology company, Paxton, offers our engineering, computing, maths, and product design students three scholarships a year worth £10,000 and a three-month paid placement. You’ll learn with a team with an international research reputation and explore areas including computer programming,data communications,microcontrollers, digital signal processing and microprocessor systems design. Applicants offering a Higher National Certificate will require an appropriate GCSE profile, which must include grade C/4 or better in GCSE Mathematics.

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Our entry requirements are listed under the ‘United States of America’ section. You will need to hold an English language qualification in place of ACT or SAT scores as we can only accept these for United States citizens. You will need to hold an English language qualification in place of ACT or SATR scores as we can only accept these for United States citizens. We are aware that Mathematics and Calculus subjects are known by different titles according to each individual province within Canada. Please contact us on if you would like to confirm we accept the subjects that you are studying.