August 9, 2022


Programming Language/Web Design and Development

Computer Engineering Degree computer engineering

You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of modern computer systems, software engineering, computer graphics and embedded programming to become a systems-level expert. Our unique careers guidance service is tailored to your academic subject area, offering a specialised team who can give you expert advice. Our team source exclusive work experience opportunities to help you stand out amongst the competition, with mentoring, global internships and placements available to you. Once you have a career in your sights, one-to-one support with CVs and job applications will help give you the edge. Students with a good four year honours degree from a recognised university will be considered for postgraduate study at the University of Birmingham.

  • This module introduces the basic building blocks of non-trivial computational processes by providing the knowledge required to select and implement appropriate data structures and algorithms.
  • Challenge to design, build and fire a water rocket To kick start a project to design and build a water rocket, our first-year engineering students took a trip to Wild Park to see some live test firing.
  • We’ve changed some parts of this course for the 2020 to 2021 academic year due to coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • Working with other engineering specialists on challenging and rewarding projects, and the chance to join the Brighton Formula Student team, gives you an experience that mirrors industry.
  • These allow you to specialise in particular areas of knowledge that interest you.

The module then considers an important application area, looking at the fundamental concepts, underlying mathematics, design methodologies and techniques. This module is part of a series of Level Two modules designed for the particular group of engineers shown in brackets in the module title. Each module consolidates previous mathematical knowledge and develops new mathematical techniques relevant to the particular engineering discipline. This module brings together the underlying physical principles of BJT, JFET and MOSFET devices to show how structural decisions in device design affect performance as a circuit element.

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We offer a common start to all our degrees which offers you the flexibility to change courses at the end of your first year if you wish to focus on certain areas of interest. ​​The module is designed to introduce engineering students to​ ​key areas of financial and legal risk​ ​that engineers should be aware of in​ ​their working environment. The module will draw directly on practical issues of budgeting, raising finance, assessing financial risks and making financial decisions in the context of engineering projects and/or product development. Through a series of parallel running lectures in the two disciplines, the module will provide a working knowledge of the two areas and how they impinge on engineering practice. There will be a heavy emphasis on group working, report writing and presentation as part of the assessment supplemented by online exercises and an individual portfolio. Our MSc Computer Engineering is the first in the UK and provides a balanced perspective of both hardware and software elements of computing systems, and their relative design trade-offs and applications.

In Stage 1, you’ll be introduced to core areas of electronics and computer engineering. Our degrees are professionally accredited by the Institution of Engineering and Technology on behalf of the Engineering Council. This means future employers will recognise the quality of your degree because it meets high professional standards.

Why You Should Study This Course

Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics explores a variety of topics within discrete mathematics. The module introduces the concepts of using discrete mathematics to model and solve problems. It provides you with the opportunity to study modern topics within mathematics, gaining an appreciation and understanding of the algorithms involved in the graphs and networks used in computers and route planners such as Google Maps.

International Students

You may be able to access our Student Support fund and other sources of financial support during your course. You’ll also have career options outside electronics and computer systems. In-depth knowledge of optical fibres as a light guiding medium is vital for understanding most other areas of optical fibre technology , and as support for practical work in this field. This module provides an overview of modern microfabrication technologies for the making of micro structures applicable to device engineering.