August 9, 2022


Programming Language/Web Design and Development

Computer Games Development computer games

You will explore the elements that form and shape different types of game levels. Our Computer Science for Games BSc, created and updated in collaboration with industry leaders, will prepare you for a career in the multibillion-pound games industry. It will also allow you to become more involved in University life by delivering, leading and supporting many aspects of the learning experience, from administration to research and mentoring roles. You will also be expected to become more independent in your problem solving, undertaking larger individual and team projects, where you will be required to develop novel and innovative ‘game-based’ solutions to a range of different and diverse scenarios. As you progress through the years you will become more independent in your approaches to learning.

  • Understand the computer graphics programmable pipeline and various graphics techniques.
  • If you are applying for an undergraduate degree or a Higher National Diploma , you can apply through the UK’s Universities and Colleges Admissions Service .
  • The aim of the course is to give you an understanding of machine learning methods, including pattern recognition, clustering and neural networks, and to allow you to apply such methods in a range of areas.
  • Study the creation of visual design, user experience for web, mobile and motion graphics at degree level.
  • Concerning other forms of memory, a positive effect of an adventure game-based training on mnemonic discrimination was reported in one study , while improvements in short term memory skills have been noticed after a brain training program (Nouchi et al., 2013).

After I got in touch with the game engines and DCC tools through this course, I started to understand the interesting points of work as a Technical Artist and the possibility of this job. So I changed my mind and focused on how to deliver amazing digital artworks from a technical perspective. Students will gain practical experiences in the above areas creating VR applications. The technical focus of the module will be on coding for VR using game engines (C# in Unity), with opportunities for exploration of web-based VR (e.g. AFrame).

International Entry

The technical and professional skills are also transferable to other computing disciplines. The purpose of the module is to enable you to undertake a sustained, in-depth and research-informed group project exploring an area that is of personal interest to you. In agreement with your supervisor, your group will decide upon your topic which will take the form of a practical outcome with accompanying contextual material.

You should have an undergraduate degree of at least second class standard in a relevant/related subject, such as Game Design/Programming or Computer Science. I can apply everything I have studied at Goldsmiths, and every single day I learn more and more about programming and Unity Development. I was able to work on Sony’s Spark 2021, which was a virtual interactive showcase of their latest products. Students also have access to the Computing Department VR Studio containing HTC Vives, Oculus VR headsets, and a multi-camera motion capture studio for development work.

Financial Support

You will learn multi-platform game development and gain a solid foundation in programming to help you develop your own skills. The MSc has a strong focus on business and entrepreneurship, including the possibility to work with industry partners as part of your internship. This could take whichever form works best to showcase your work, although a PDF or a video is strongly encouraged. In addition to learning game design, students will learn how to talk about and understand games. From designers working with a formalised ludic approach to artists exploring liminoid spaces within play, the range of approaches will be explored. This module covers the fundamental principles of game design and provides a practical introduction to the game design process, relevant to both physical and digital games.

We understand that deciding where and what to study is a very important decision for you. We’ll make all reasonable efforts to provide you with the courses, services and facilities as described on our website. However, if we need to make material changes, for example due to significant disruption, or in response to COVID-19, we’ll let our applicants and students know as soon as possible. If you select Essex as your firm choice, you will be able to take advantage of a flexible offer. This offer will specify alternative entry requirements to those published on our website.

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Applicants will typically be required to pass the Vysvedčenie o maturitnej skúške at grade 2.0, to include any essential subject at grade 2. Applicants will typically be required to pass the Diplomă de Bacalaureat with an overall grade of 8, to include any essential subject at grade 8. Applicants will typically be required to pass the Diploma/Certificado Nível Secundário de Educação with an overall grade of 16, to include any essential subject at grade 16. Applicants will typically be required to pass the Matura with an average score of 70%, to include 3 Advanced subjects at a minimum of 50%, to include any essential subject at Advanced level with a score of 70%. Applicants will typically be required to pass the Vitnemål for Vidergaende Opplaering with an overall average of 4, to include any essential subject at grade 4. Applicants will typically be required to pass the Secondary School Leaving Diploma/Matura with an overall grade of 4.0, to include any essential subject at grade 3.

You can see some of the games and projects our students worked on as part of their studies on the GamesAtGold page on This includes several “Tea & Testing” sessions during the year, which give students a safe space to playtest their games. We also run occasional career fairs opened to all postgraduate students at Goldsmiths. The Global Game Jam is a yearly event in which people from all over the world work on making a small game over the course of a weekend. For three years in a row, Goldsmiths has been proudly hosting the largest GGJ site in London.