August 7, 2022


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Head to ourcomputer monitor reviewsto see all the models we’ve tested. A standard office monitor updates 60 times per second , which is fine for working on documents, spreadsheets and the like. If you’re buying a monitor that will also – or primarily – be used for gaming, your choices will be slightly different. This is usually fine if you’re just typing or even watching videos on the TV. But if you’re doing proper multi-tasking work and using a mouse, you will immediately notice the lag between your mouse movements and them appearing on the screen.

  • It fell just 1ms behind smaller 144Hz rivals in our response time test and even beat a 144Hz alternative during input lag testing.
  • Designed with the environment in mind, this monitor meets the latest regulatory and environmental standards such as RoHS compliance and China Energy Label .
  • They can be good if you want to have several tasks open on the same screen at once, but you often pay a huge amount for the privilege.
  • If you use your monitor for eight hours a day, five days a week it’ll add between £6 and £8 to your annual electricity bill.

According to our benchmarks, with 244 nits max brightness and 98% coverage of the sRGB color space, the ThinkVision M14 is perfect for surfing the web or watching a movie in SDR. USB-C connectivity, meanwhile, means it won’t run out of battery when plugged into a laptop. It can also deliver as much as 65W of power to a device if plugged into a wall adapter.

Dell Heavy Duty 1909w 19″ Widescreen Lcd Monitor

Before we dive into our favourite computer monitors, though, we’ve pulled together some information to help ensure you find the monitor that’s best for your needs. And while you’re at it, you might want to check out our list of the best keyboards too. UHD takes things up another notch, although most people won’t really need it. It’s often popular with gamers; you’ll need some powerful hardware to make best use of it, as pushing this many pixels around can put a strain on your graphics card. Resolution means the number of dots – known as pixels – that produce the image on your screen.

We have created a unique package which contains everything your company will need. With inclusive Warranty and Telephone Technical Support thought the duration of your lease, you will be covered by our one stop shop. Our Warranty system means that any faulty machine will be collected, repaired and returned in a timely manner. Working alongside businesses for so many years, we know how important it is that you stay up and running.

Dell 30″

If you have a desk all to yourself, have plenty of room on it, and have a slightly higher budget, consider a 24-inch screen. This is also the size at which you’ll typically some useful extras, such as height adjustment and USB ports. In order to use a desktop computer properly, youll need a good computer monitor. A 4K screen resolution on a 43-inch TV really requires you to sit fairly close in order to see the improvement in resolution over a 1080p Full HD display. But this is exactly how a TV works best when used as a computer monitor. What sets this baby Samsung apart from similar ‘small’ TVs is that it gets the kind of features and extras you’d expect to find on more top-end tellies.

You need to have separate categories for Freesync and G-Sync monitors. Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom’s Hardware US. He’s a veteran reviewer of A/V equipment, specializing in monitors. If you want something a little smaller and cheaper, the Alienware AW5520QF is excellent and offers even higher contrast with its OLED panel but is much dimmer than the Omen X 65 Emperium. A 64.5-inch panel and powerful audio are great for living rooms. If you prefer a portable touchscreen monitor, check out the touch version of the M14 via our Lenovo ThinkVision M14t review.

In addition, your local council recycling centre may also accept old electronics. If you use your monitor for eight hours a day, five days a week it’ll add between £6 and £8 to your annual electricity bill. As a minimum, opt for a monitor with Full HD resolution , otherwise known as 1080p. Our tough lab tests reveal the best for your budget – see our television reviews. Often TVs have a fairly significant delay between your inputs and the result appearing on screen. These guide prices reflect how much you’ll need to pay to get most of the recommended specifications we highlight in this article.