August 7, 2022


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I was impressed first off with his reply to my email giving me the confidence to use an unknown repairer. I left the said Laptop with him for half a day and it turned out that the reinstall disc’s were the incorrect ones for the 3 month old Laptop. Nice one John I have bookmarked him for future use if needed as it is nice to meet a genuine nice honest guy these days who doesn’t want to rip you off. My sons computer with all his Uni work encountered a problem over the Easter holidays.

Mostly, we can repair your machine right in front of you at your home or office. If our IT engineer required additional parts to repair it, an engineer might not be able to fix it at your home or place of business. Geeks Callout technician will bring your PC to our shop for more in-depth diagnostics and repair it. We normally required 2 to 3 days to repair computer and deliver it back to you.

  • “I called Lee on a Saturday and he gave me free advice on what to do, including that when I receive the RAM I need offered…”
  • They carry a large stock of replacement parts and replacement laptop screens.
  • I left the said Laptop with him for half a day and it turned out that the reinstall disc’s were the incorrect ones for the 3 month old Laptop.
  • Call us and speak to our expert PC technician to find out how quickly we can return your PC to you.
  • Having a virus or malware on your computer or laptop can be stressful and worrying.

I’ve even had them just switch whatever data I had to a new tablet so that I don’t have to spend a bunch of time working on it. I try to get a fix my PC company to offer me a pickup time that is not that far into the future. If they are not able to meet a certain deadline, then I figure there are other people that will be able to if I’m in some kind of a rush. It’s not that big of a deal if the computer service takes a day or two, but if I’m in a rush I ask if I can pay more for faster assistance or I go elsewhere. The PC repair near me choices can be good or bad. They are only human, and sometimes make mistakes that may make it hard to keep using a device.

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He explained how all the different parts worked and before he started he gave us an itemised list of all the parts and costs. He kept in touch throughout the whole process with photos and videos of his progress, which were really great to see. Then he delivered the PC to our door. My son is over the moon, he has exactly what he wanted and I’m confident that if we need anything in the future Mike will be there. Ask repair shops to break down the quotes they provide, so you know what you’re being charged for.

Trusted Traders and offer quality products and services. My son wanted a gaming PC for his birthday. I found Sunderland computer repairs and emailed for some advice. Mike asked a few questions and said he could build something suitable for my budget. We had a zoom meeting and he asked about games my son played.

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A computer that freezes or runs slowly could be a sign of more serious problems to come. Before you do anything else, be sure to back up your important folders and files while you still have access to them. You can back up your files to an external hard drive, or a cloud storage service, like iCloud, DropBox,or Google Drive. If your laptop screen is broken we can fix it. We have screens for all makes of laptops and most are around £79, including fitting.

Great communication, fix my pc really quickly for really good price. From giving quotes prior starting the services to 6–months repair warranty, we at PC Repair Squad strive to achieve the client compliance and satisfaction. Our aim has been to repair and restore your laptops and PCs to their brand new condition by using genuine parts for repairing. This makes us the leaders in repair industry. Is your private and personal data at risk? We offer Virus removal serves to build a fortress around your data…