August 17, 2022


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How To Build A Computer how to build a computer

So they get messed up with their build, but with us, they didn’t need to worry anymore. We help you to clear all your doubts about the dependencies of the pc components with ease, and we make sure you’re buying the right pc components for building your custom pc. This is the last thing to check as it can be the most time-consuming. Reconnecting your RAM and CPU or simply switching the RAM sticks into different slots could be the solution you’re looking for.

  • Install your USB 3.0 cables (denoted with a blue-colored end) into any available slots on the board, making sure to lineup the pins with the holes in the USB 3.0 cables.
  • Maybe it’s a SATA cable that has come loose, or perhaps it’s a RAM stick that is not inserted correctly.
  • Jackie Thomas (@jackiecobra on Twitter) is TechRadar’s US computing editor.
  • Now fasten a screw through each of the motherboard screw holes into the standoffs underneath.
  • However, there are plenty of people that need something with a bit more oomph.
  • We can lend a helping hand when it comes to picking the right parts, even if you don’t know the difference between a CPU and a GPU.

Before you even unbox the CPU, be aware that you should never touch the bottom where the pins are; it’s always best to hold it by its sides. Intel and AMD processors largely install the same way, but there are slight differences as covered below. Anti-Static Equipment – Anti-static wrist straps and anti-static mats are used by a lot of technicians and builders to discharge static electricity.

Introduction: How To Build A Desktop Computer

Don’t touch the resistors and the pins on the CPU or the socket. You can use zip ties to carefully bundle all of the cables and then route them to prevent them from blocking the airflow. Most of the time, a CPU comes with a heatsink, but if it is Intel and has a K on it (ex. Core i7 6700k, Core i5 6600k), you will most likely need to buy a separate fan.

These are typically included as a paper insert in the product packaging. As static shocks could ruin parts and turn your day into very bad day because of spending money on something that don’t work…. In addition, you can connect any case-specific ports if they are supported by the motherboard. Many cases have front mounted USB, Firewire and/or sound ports.

The front USB 3.0 and HD audio pins can be located on the motherboard. Again, refer to the manual for exact placement as not all motherboards are created equal. Since the ASUS motherboard we selected has M.2 support, we can opt for a super-fast SSD. Samsung’s latest 970 EVO Plus is incredibly fast, perfect for both Windows 10 and games. With 500GB, you’ll be able to install the OS and then a few programs and games too, though if your budget can stretch it, we’d always recommend installing games on a different drive to the OS. With the CPU and RAM installed, the motherboard is now ready to boot.

How To Build A Gaming Pc: A Step

This is an easily overlooked issue with a solution that’s just as easy. I appreciate all of your tips and steps for how to put together a computer. My brother is wanting to get some new computer parts and this article will be super useful to him.

How To Build Your Own Pc In 2021

Once you’ve figured out which way your PSU needs to be oriented, and screwed on the mounting bracket, you can easily slide it into your case and tighten the bracket’s screws. Depending on how much room you have for your PSU, you may want to hold off on screwing it in until you’ve plugged in all of its various power cables. The standoffs make it easy to place your motherboard into your case, but don’t start screwing it in straight away.