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Reasons for Choosing Information Systems Major

Reasons for Choosing Information Systems Major

Reasons for Choosing Information Systems Major

The Information Systems Department is a unique study program because it combines several scientific fields, namely Computer Science, Management, and Business. So, in this major, you will learn to use computer science and technology to support business needs.

So, until here, you can see the interesting side of the Information Systems Department, right? here are some reasons that make prospective students finally choose the Information Systems Department.

Suitable for those of you who have an interest in technology

If you have an interest in things related to technology, then the Information Systems Department could be the right choice. Even so, you need to re-check which direction your interest is more in because the sciences relate to technology are basically already specialized. If you need another information about home construction you can visit this site officialngowari

If things related to hardware can interest you, Computer Science could be the right choice. Then if you are more interested in software development, you can choose Informatics Engineering. However, if you have an interest in understanding both and at the same time understanding the business prospects of a technology product, then the Information Systems Department is the right choice.

Studying two fields, namely Computer Science and Management

In accordance with the discussion in the first point, the Information Systems Department studies two fields at once, namely Computer Science and Business Science or Management. That way, you can not only create a technology product but also be able to create and develop business projections from that product. The cool term is technopreneur.

Some examples of courses studied at the Information Systems Department are Programming Languages, Basic Mathematical Logic, Database Systems, Web Design & Programming, Software Engineering, Software Application Development, Business Process Analysis, Management & Business, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, and Project Management Information Systems.

Applicable knowledge

Studies in Information Systems science adapt to technological developments and their real use by various parties.

For example, several years ago, many used Information Systems science to build and develop database systems, because the urgent need at that time was that every company, both small and large, felt that they had a database system that suited the company’s needs.

Then, currently, many companies are also competing to make digitalization efforts to further optimize services and streamline processes. To do this, of course, the executor must master the science of Information Systems.

Graduates are needed by companies in various fields, both private and government

With the breadth of understanding possessed by graduates of the Information Systems Department. It is not surprising that they are currently being targeted by many companies, both public and private.

Almost everything you learn is a major need for many companies today, which make optimization efforts in various fields including the digitization process.

Have provisions to start your own business

If there are many companies that need your ability to optimize processes and business development. Then you can use this ability yourself by starting a personal business and becoming a technopreneur.

Of course, you will not have too much trouble doing this because you already have the knowledge. However, the name of starting your own business cannot be separated from various risks, yes! So, you have to prepare mentally well before executing it.

Have problem-solving skills that can be applied in creating the right program for a business, be it small to large scale.

While studying in this department, you will train to always develop creativity and innovate to create solutions. Of course, the solution in question is to utilize information system technology. For example, you create a ticketing application to reduce queues in the hospital waiting room.

Can be a programmer

If you look at the list of courses that you can study in this department. Your potential to become a programmer is still there, you know Quipperian! So you just need to deepen each course related to programming during college. Then you can also mature it by participating in several boot camps or training related to programming skill development.

Open to social studies graduates (no science courses)

One of the unique facts of Information Systems is that this department is open to high school graduates majoring in social studies. Even so, that doesn’t mean you won’t meet Mathematics in this department! However, other science courses such as Basic Chemistry or Basic Physics do not exist.

Available career options

The graduates of this department are very diverse because the mastery of skills possessed by graduates varies. As an illustration, you can work as a programmer, business development, website developer, project manager, data analyst, IT technician, business analyst, and business intelligence.

Opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies

Then, for those of you who plan to continue your education up to the doctoral level, a linear choice of study programs with the Information Systems Department is widely available at universities in Indonesia and abroad.

Well, those are some of the reasons you can consider choosing an Information Systems Major. There is a lot of excitement that you can feel while studying in this department and the most important thing is that the career options are very wide!

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