August 20, 2022


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Samsung Ls27e330hzx 27″ Full Hd Tn Black Computer Monitor Led Display Ls27e330hzx computer monitor

He’s also the team’s man-at-arms when it comes to camera bags, filters, memory cards, and all manner of camera accessories – his lab is a bit like the Batcave of photography! With years of experience trialling and testing kit, he’s a human encyclopedia of benchmarks when it comes to recommending the best buys. Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync compatibility ensures the frame rate of the B1 matches that of your game, therefore eliminating any screen ‘tearing’ interference. Otherwise, the LG B1 is the ultimate money-no-object TV that can double equally well as a computer monitor. Whilst LCD TV screens are far more flexible and adaptive than the older CRT monitors they still need to be protected from harmful elements if they are to be used in industrial or factory shop floor settings.

A particularly interesting feature of this monitor is its “brightness intelligence technology”, which dims excessively bright areas of the screen whilst boosting the visibility of dark areas. In our testing, this clever tech delivered a wonderfully watchable viewing experience, combining comfort and clarity. Apple, in its infinite wisdom, has declared the Pro Display XDR the “world’s best pro display”, and you won’t go far betting against the tech giants. This monitor is by far one of the best-looking displays you can get, with a next-level 6K resolution, a huge colour gamut, and enough brightness to rival the sun. It’s a beast that will make every pixel of your spreadsheets look crystal clear should you need to finesse all that data you’re working on.

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The lower the response time the better, as games and movies will show less blur. Elsewhere, higher refresh rates let gamers experience more frames for a smoother experience. If you’re sticking purely to work, though, a 60Hz refresh rate will be more than enough. There’s always the option to splurge out on the best 4K monitor, too, but only if you’re a gamer with a beefy graphics card, a designer or a video editor.

  • We’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up the best monitors to upgrade your home office.
  • If you prefer a portable touchscreen monitor, check out the touch version of the M14 via our Lenovo ThinkVision M14t review.
  • As screen size increases, resolution becomes even more important.
  • Modern day computer monitors come in a range of different screen sizes, from 19 inches right up to 27 inches and bigger.

This Philips monitor with an easy switchable privacy mode offers an integrated solution for privacy without the clumsy screen protector. Secure your confidential or sensitive data from visual hacking. It fell just 1ms behind smaller 144Hz rivals in our response time test and even beat a 144Hz alternative during input lag testing. And unlike its predecessors in this league, the refresh rate isn’t locked at 60 Hz.


Whether you’re working from home or you’re simply seeking to get a little more richness out of video and images, there’s never been a better time to buy a new monitor. Read our laptop reviews and desktop PC reviews for the results of our independent lab tests. As screen size increases, resolution becomes even more important. If you want a larger screen , it makes sense to consider something with a higher resolution than Full HD. There is no real way to solve this completely, although one thing you can do is activate the ‘game mode’ on your TV. This reduces the amount of image processing your TV does and should reduce the delay between your inputs and them showing on the screen.

We found it a joy to set up and use, with the eight default picture modes catering excellently for a range of uses, from gaming to writing this very review. When choosing a monitor, there are a few key specifications you should look at. Does the monitor have the right connection ports to connect to your computer, games console, or whatever else you wish to use it with? Common display interfaces include HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort and USB Type-C.

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In addition, your local council recycling centre may also accept old electronics. If you use your monitor for eight hours a day, five days a week it’ll add between £6 and £8 to your annual electricity bill. As a minimum, opt for a monitor with Full HD resolution , otherwise known as 1080p. Our tough lab tests reveal the best for your budget – see our television reviews. Often TVs have a fairly significant delay between your inputs and the result appearing on screen. These guide prices reflect how much you’ll need to pay to get most of the recommended specifications we highlight in this article.

From screensavers to streaming videos, this can make for excellent viewing. Here’s a monitor so immersive, you can pretty well live inside it. The curved, 32in screen looks cinematic, and it does indeed lend itself well to viewing films. But that flamboyant curvature can be beneficial in day-to-day office use, too.