August 20, 2022


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Stainless Steel Computer Keyboard With Optional Touchpad computer keyboard

Function keys are often used with modifier keys to extend their capabilities. The four Arrow keys pressed alone move the cursor on screen one line or character. Used with modifier keys, they move the cursor in bigger jumps such as top of document, end of line, etc.

  • Keyboards feel different, and prospective buyers should spend time testing any laptop computer before purchasing it.
  • There are so many choices and variations, we cannot cover every single piece of equipment in this factsheet.
  • Our wide range of Microsoft keyboards are perfect for those looking to upgrade their keyboard.
  • The holes are positioned over each key and significantly reduce the chance of accidental keypresses.

Others accidentally press keys on the way to the key they want to press. Arm or wrist pads placed in front of the keyboard can be helpful when resting from typing and can help to reduce discomfort and strain. You can also get wrist ‘donuts’ that are worn around the wrists like bracelets and provide support wherever you are working. Larger trackball mice are easy to use and may be particularly helpful for users who lack fine motor skills, including people with learning difficulties, tremors or arthritis.


Huge choice and fast delivery of stainless steel tables and lecterns. Designed for fast, efficent cleaning with minimal dirt traps. Typewriter Revolution The typewriter not only revolutionised offices, but also transformed the world of work – especially for women. Explore how these remarkable machines have helped to influence both society and technology, and why they are still popular today. If you hold a key command combination down, the command will be entered several times. For example, Control-Del or Alt-Del will continue to delete words for as long as the keys are held down.

Tailored-made gaming keyboards are designed for gamers who use their PC regularly to make their gaming experience better. The ergonomic design is more intuitive for a smoother experience. Gaming keyboards have a variety of functions that aren’t found on conventional keyboards including programmable buttons, mechanical switches, backlit keys and better key durability. Realistically, you only need to worry about switches if you’re looking at a mechanical keyboard and you don’t need to worry about them at all if you want to keep things simple. It’s a rabbit hole one can spend far too long in, as those who’ve searched for the best gaming keyboards will attest to. If you’re using a keyboard for working and typing, a wireless keyboard with a rechargeable battery makes the most sense.

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This version has a built-in Touch ID for even more convenience, though you can spend less for a model without it if you prefer. Slim, sleek, and with backlit keys that are clever enough to light up when your hands are approaching, Logitech’s smart offering has all the bells and whistles, with handsome looks to match. To use this to type numbers, you have to press the Num Lock key. There may be an indicator light at the top of the keyboard or on the ‘Num Lock’ key itself to show that it’s on. Try typing your name, including capitals (UPPER-CASE) and spaces.

Microsoft Wireless Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard & Mouse

Used to move the cursor up and down a page, screen or frame. On laptop keyboards, these keys are often used with the Fn modifier key. A set of input keys on a personal computer or computer terminal. Along with the standard letter keys on a typewriter, computer keyboards have keys for cursor movement and entering commands as outlined below. A £175 donation could pay for a specially adapted joy stick and computer keyboard for a person with A-T. Having access to specialist, adapted IT equipment means a young person with A-T can continue to do school work alongside their peers.