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Scan your computer with an antivirus program to determine if it’s infected. If, after trying everything above, you’re still having problems with your mouse, and another mouse doesn’t work either, there may be corrupt operating system files on your computer. If one or more system files that interact with the mouse are corrupt, this can cause erratic mouse movement or failure to respond and click in various cases.

  • The ASUS W202NA-GJ0022R 11.6 inch Laptop offers the perfect balance.
  • Multiple mice are often used in multi-user gaming in addition to specially designed devices that provide several input interfaces.
  • For example, versions of Windows prior to Windows XP doubled reported values above a configurable threshold, and then optionally doubled them again above a second configurable threshold.
  • Make sure that it’s not either of these problems by disconnecting the mouse from the current USB port and connecting to another USB port.

Some might feel that over $50 is pricey of a tiny mouse, and others would probably want to also invest in a proper mouse pad, but it’s worth the added cost. It even comes with three different shades so it can match your aesthetic. Below is a listing of all the types of computer mice and pointing devices used with a computer. Today, for a desktop computer, the most common type of mouse is an optical mouse that connects to the USB port and known as a USB mouse. For laptop computers, the most common type of mouse is the touchpad.

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Today’s desktop computer mice also usually include a mouse wheel that allows you to scroll up and down on a page. With a unique look and parts you can swap out for comfort, the Mad Catz R.A.T. 8+ is a high-end gaming mouse that should tickle tinkerers, as well as players seeking lots of buttons and flexibility. Is it time to ditch that old PC mouse, or move beyond your laptop’s touchpad?

For example, many of the early Apple computer mice only had one button. Today, most computer mice connect to a computer using a USB port. Below is a list of ports and wireless connections a mouse is capable of using. When using a computer mouse, you don’t have to memorize commands, such as those utilized in a text-based command line environment like MS-DOS. For example, in MS-DOS, you would need to know the cd command and dir command and type the commands on the keyboard to open a directory and view its files.

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Then we test its performance, including speed, accuracy, and reliability, by using it in our day to day workloads and in gaming, especially if it’s a gaming mouse. We also check its buttons and scroll wheels to see how easy and comfortable they are to use. If you’ve been using a cheap mouse your whole life, you’ll certainly notice the difference between that and a great mouse. And, that’s what we look for here, regardless of whether it’s a productivity mouse or a gaming one, a wired mouse or a wireless one. If it’s wireless, however, we also test its connectivity, range and battery life.

Microsoft’s Sculpt mouse stands out from its competitors with a smooth, rounded design which feels chunky and futuristic in the hand. There’s a little thumb groove which is comfortable and puts your hand in a good position, helping to reduce wrist strain (even if it doesn’t go to the ergonomic lengths of some of the other mice in this list). The trackball mouse comes with a small solid ball and a couple of well-placed buttons which allow pointing without the need for excessive wrist and arm movement. If wireless, mice connect to the computer either via RF communication or Bluetooth. An RF-based wireless mouse will require a receiver that will physically connect to the computer.

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ASUS W202 is the ideal learning platform for enthusiastic young minds. Powered by advanced processors, it features ultra-fast Wi-Fi, an ergonomic keyboard, and rubber-lined edges and corners that help protect … I cut my teeth on a cassette-drive-equipped Commodore VIC-20 in the 1980s. But I got serious with Apple desktops in the early 1990s, starting with a Macintosh SE, then a Macintosh LC, and finally one of the short-lived Umax “clone” Macs, before building my first PC and never looking back. During that time, I’ve built and torn down enough desktop PCs to equip a city block’s worth of internet cafes.

Although an analog stick allows the player more granular control, it is poor for certain movements, as the player’s input is relayed based on a vector of both the stick’s direction and magnitude. Thus, a small but fast movement (known as “flick-shotting”) using a gamepad requires the player to quickly move the stick from its rest position to the edge and back again in quick succession, a difficult maneuver. The effect of this is that a mouse is well suited not only to small, precise movements but also to large, quick movements and immediate, responsive movements; all of which are important in shooter gaming.