August 17, 2022


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This means you can set up the telescope outside (it has a four-hour battery life), jump under the covers and tour the Universe. Its creator, the Swedish design studio Transparent, says that its speakers use durable, recyclable materials. Each of the devices can be used alone as a Bluetooth speaker, paired together as a stereo sound system, or plugged into existing audio equipment. They’re open-backed, which means the audio will bleed out a little, so you may not want to take these on the train. But it does make them lighter and more comfortable to use at home for long periods and it’ll make the audio sound roomier than a closed-back pair.

  • The task Sycamore completed, verifying that a set of numbers were randomly distributed, took it 200 seconds.
  • The sight of airbags inflating has become a common one in MotoGP since the tech became mandatory in 2018, but In&Motion – one of the companies supplying that gear – want to see more road riders…
  • It could be that our ears, through thousands of years of evolution, are sort of designed to find these sounds particularly unpleasant to act as a warning that danger is imminent.

Well, the proof is in the pudding really, as since the coronavirus lockdown I’ve been using it to record the Science Focus Podcast – listen to these episodes to get an idea. Streamers will appreciate the zero-latency monitoring, and anyone who does podcasting will be thankful for the multi-directional recording for all potential interviewing situations. It also has a universal screw mount so you can easily adapt it to any kit you already have.

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A new pressure sensor inside will also warn you if you’re brushing technique starts to verge into self-flagellation. Health tech company Withings has been making great-looking, fitness monitoring gadgets for years and their latest watch is no exception. Offering up a hard-to-beat balance of features, design, ease of use and performance, the Sonos Arc, the company’s first Atmos soundbar, is an easy product to love. The cans are kitted out with the latest surround sound so that you can really hear those footsteps creeping up behind you. There’s a smart, retractable microphone inside, which can isolate your speech and tune down background noise.

Essentially an 888 with the rear cylinder removed the Supermono was an effective race bike that became the stuff of… No two-wheelers are better-suited to electric power than scooters and no scoots are cooler than classic Vespas and Lambrettas – and now you can get electric versions of both thanks to these British… Despite the fact that 1970s-styled bikes are in vogue at the moment with manufacturers scrambling to revive machines from their pasts, one of the most convincing of those retro models is on the way…

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The smart night-vision mode uses two infrared LEDs that can see as far as 30 metres automatically and switches to colour monitoring when it detects human movement. That, along with powerful spotlights, any would-be thief is almost guaranteed to show their face on camera. You’ll get a real-time alert, without needing to be glued to your feed.

Made of aircraft-grade aluminum casing, the Dash-i can be attached to a key ring and taken anywhere you go. The reader supports MicroSD cards of any capacity, and allows you to store and access photos, music, video and more. You can also password-protect files and back files up from your iOS device.