August 15, 2022


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Also, the typical base and boost clock speeds may be lower, and the chip may not support multithreading. That said, many desktop PC buyers will be fine with these lower-powered CPUs for everyday work, and a little more. IT-manageable, security-conscious business desktops—most of them nowadays made by Dell, HP, and Lenovo—have their own pricing dynamic and tend to cost more, all else being equal. That’s because of their premium warranty or support plans, as well as the possible addition of enterprise-specific silicon focused on manageability or security.

Named after the Greek God of doom the Moros will ensure anything you throw at it will run with urgency! Featuring a, wait for it, 8 core, 16 thread(!) AMD Ryzen X 3.8Ghz processor that turbos to 4.7Ghz, the Moros has obscene amounts o… This high spec computer is our most popular machine boasting the Intel i7 processing platform without going over the top.

Asus Intel Pentium G3220t 500gb Hard Drive 4gb Ram Model Number K30ad

After years of market dominance from Intel and the rise of AMD UK Gaming Computers are proud to present our first AMD based water cooled system, the Aquarius. Feturing both a water cooled AMD Ryzen X 8 core 16 thread CPU and Nvidia Ge… Our Deimos is designed to run anything and everything on top settings and be on your doorstep as quickly as possible. AMD Ryzen X which boosts to an impessive 4.4GHz starts the show whilst a Nv…

  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper was years in development and boy it worth the wait!
  • See our recent favorites based on our deep-dive reviews, plus all the in-depth shopping advice you need.
  • And, with the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, we see this powerful computer getting the fantastic update it rightly deserves.
  • The thing with desktops is, opting for a cheap one does not carry some of the same risks you’d face with a like-priced laptop.

We knew we had to make our system named after the god of the sea special, so here it is, The Triton. The Triton is powered by a powerful Intel i K, running at 3.9Ghz and 5.2Ghz when turbo boost kicks in, processor on the awesome Asus … There is no better way to keep a high end gaming PC cool and quiet other than to cool it with water! Named after the primordial god of waters, the Hydros offers a 8 core 16 thread AMD Ryzen X CPU cooled by proper custom full water coo… The Electron is a mini PC with serious power at an attractive price point.

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One of the desktop’s most alluring promises is the value it delivers. Your money simply goes further with desktop PCs and their components. Instead of buying a $700 laptop with a competent Intel Core i5 processor, you can get a $700 desktop with a more powerful Core i7 CPU in it, and maybe even squeeze in a dedicated graphics card. A well-powered machine with an affordable price might be what you need if your gaming appetite isn’t approaching the competitive sphere.

Choosing the right computer will depend on its primary use and the features you need. Look out for speed (dual-core processors are faster than single core for example, but quad core is faster again), capacity, storage, and internet access. Unlike tower desktops, these are harder to upgrade and customise. There are other important features in a modern desktop such as a modem, CD/DVD drive and a multi Gigabyte magnetic storage drive are a few, but these tend to be built into the key units rather than separate. We’ve aPC buying guidefilled with advice and tips to help you out.

Hp Elitedesk 800 G3 Mini Desktop Pc

Gaming desktops with dedicated graphics cards start at around $500. You can also find all-in-one desktops, with the display and all of the computing components built into a single device, starting at around $400. A unique chassis coupled with a price to beat, Dell’s latest in its G series gaming PCs is a solid contender in budget gaming. Of course, if you’ve got more case to spare, it’s VR ready configurations are also on hand, though even those are absolutely affordable.