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What Is A Mouse? Computer Mouse Definition computer mouse

A sensitivity converter is required in order to translate rotational movements properly. Mouse vendors also use other extended formats, often without providing public documentation. The Typhoon mouse uses 6-byte packets which can appear as a sequence of two standard 3-byte packets, such that an ordinary PS/2 driver can handle them. For 3-D (or 6-degree-of-freedom) input, vendors have made many extensions both to the hardware and to software. In the late 1990s, Logitech created ultrasound based tracking which gave 3D input to a few millimeters accuracy, which worked well as an input device but failed as a profitable product.

Mostly this typed of mouse uses for playing video game and graphic applications. Joystick is like as plastic stick for reporting its directions to component it’s controlling. A foot mouse is used by those people who are unable to use mouse with their hands or arms.

Types Of Mouse Trackball And Touchpad

You slide the cylinder to move the pointer right and left and roll the mouse for up and down. Available in 5 variants, whichever model you choose, you can adapt the mouse to your needs. Like any piece of hardware, a computer mouse works with a computer only if the proper device driver is installed.

  • Electromagnetic scroll wheel allows for precise or freewheeling motion.
  • In this mouse used the infer-red signals for transmitting entire data to computer.
  • See the IntelliMouse page for further information and functions of the mouse wheel.
  • The Evoluent VerticalMouse C Right Wired is a stylish update to a comfortable and highly customizable ergonomic mouse.

Here are some unusual mice that you may not have heard of but which may just do the trick for you. A mouse’s polling rate is the amount of times per second a mouse reports its position to your computer. The best way to install a missing mouse driver is through the manufacturer’s website. Logitech and Microsoft are the most popular manufacturers of mice, but you’ll see them from other hardware makers as well. For instructions on manually installing these types of drivers in Windows.


These can be particularly useful if you wish to do a lot of scrolling on a page or want to have pinpoint control of where your cursor is going . Computer mice, trackballs and touchpads are an integral part of a computer system. The mouse or trackball allows you to move the on screen cursor around and open programs and files with a simple click or tap on the touchpad. FPSs naturally lend themselves to separate and simultaneous control of the player’s movement and aim, and on computers this has traditionally been achieved with a combination of keyboard and mouse. Players use the X-axis of the mouse for looking left and right, and the Y-axis for looking up and down; the keyboard is used for movement and supplemental inputs. Engelbart’s original mouse did not require a mousepad; the mouse had two large wheels which could roll on virtually any surface.

Yellow Flowers Mouse Pad

The picture is an example of a Logitech desktop computer mouse with two primary buttons and a wheel. A computer mouse is a handheld hardware input device that controls a cursor in a GUI for pointing, moving and selecting text, icons, files, and folders on your computer. In addition to these functions, a mouse can also be used to drag-and-drop objects and give you access to the right-click menu. Laser mice operate in a similar way, but they use an infrared laser diode instead of an LED. This allows, in some cases, for greater potential sensitivity and polling rates. The one drawback is that they can be finicky about the surfaces on which they are used.